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Gary Gordon – Vocals and Guitar
Roberta Gordon – Vocals and Autoharp
Bill Cross – Banjo
Robert Bowlin – Fiddle
Curtis Jay Hiner – Stand Up Bass

With special guests:
Alison Brown – Banjo
Noah Gordon – Harmony Vocals
Holly Tashian – Harmony Vocals on ‘Cottonmill’
Mark Stoffel – Mandolin
Wil Maring – Bass
Ross Sermons – Bass

Gary plays a Gallagher guitar.
Roberta plays an Oscar Schmidt Appalachian Autoharp.
Produced by Gary and Roberta Gordon

Engineered by:
Mark Stoffel at Roan Pony Studio, Murphysboro, IL
Tim Carter at TreeHouse Studio, RidgeTop, TN
Mark Howard at Signal Path, Nashville, TN
Mixed by Mark Howard at Signal Path, Nashville, TN
Mastered by David Shipley at Foxwood Mastering and Editing, Nashville, TN
Artwork by Roberta Gordon and Luanne Howard

Memories are priceless, yet cost nothing. They are a source of comfort and joy to us when we look back. We document our memories with music, recording together since 1976, each recording allows us to measure our life – where we were then and where we are going. This is where we are now. There is a story behind each song inspired by people in our life; our experiences both happy and sad. We hope you enjoy what you hear and find something in our lyrics that explains how you feel.

God bless,
Gary and Roberta

Released on Alligator Music in Sparta, IL USA.