Easter is a big deal around our house for so many reasons. One being that I learned “Pysanky” over 20 years ago and share it with all the kids who come by in spring. “Pysanky” ( Ukrainian Easter Egg

Decorating ) goes back over 2000 years and it’s one of my joys. A process of waxing and dying, starting with the lightest going to the darkest colors, the real beauty of the design cannot be appreciated until the last step of melting the wax away. Friends have presented me with all types of eggs through the years as my own collection of ostrich, turkey, goose & pigeon eggs continues to grow. They are so fun to get out each year. I just keep adding to the sawdust filled boxes and gift many each spring to celebrate our hope.

How to Purchase

Prices: One Egg – $12.50; 2 for $20.00
Note: Roberta chooses design & color.

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